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A Book of Shadows - History

A Death-Eater and a Gentleman

Paul Graves
30 October
I am a Death-Eater. This is my story, from the beginning of my so-called career, to the present, when I am breaking free of Tom Riddle's hold over me and my family.

Author's Note - Please Read Before Entering the Journal

Most of the entries in this journal are backdated, sometimes as far back as a decade or more. To find entries, you will need to either refer to the Memories section or look in the Calendar/Archives section.

The events recounted in this journal follow eighteen years in the life of a man who became a Death-Eater, which is to say, an evil wizard in the Harry Potter series of books by author J. K. Rowling. This journal is a writing aid, because I am trying to write the story of Paul Graves' eventual break with the Death-Eaters. I figured that actually planning out the sequence of events and knowing when they happened would help.

Though many of the events and characters mentioned in this journal originated in the sphogwarts roleplaying game, this journal exists apart from that game and is not associated with it. The storyline of this journal will be consistent with the Hogwarts fanfic that I and Vivienne O'Regan are writing, which is called, "To Move the Heavens."

A lot of what will be recounted here is very disturbing. Death-Eaters are cruel and vicious people, and Paul had to become like them to be able to survive among them long enough to accomplish his goal, the rescue of his father from captivity by them. If you find a story which incorporates training in mind-control, torture, and murder to be extremely upsetting, please do not read this journal. In fact, if you are under 16, I suggest that you do not read this journal. As stated above, this is a writing aid, and I will not pull punches here. My main character will go through hell, will inflict a lot of suffering on innocent people, some of whom are his own family, and he will go through as much hell, freeing himself and them from the Death-Eaters' control.

In short, to survive as a Death-Eater, Paul Graves had to become an utter, cold, bastard, and he was a desperately unhappy man. If you do not like reading about such people, then you should not read this journal.

All entries in this journal, though written by Chantal Whittington, are the sole copyright of J. K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series of books, upon which the contents of this journal are based. Paul Graves and his family, however, are a creation of and copyright of Chantal Whittington, and she reserves the right to use them in material that is unrelated to Harry Potter fiction.

Yes, the body model for Paul Graves is the composer Frederic Chopin. I liked his look of sadness and sternness, which I felt worked well to show Paul's character, as well as the Victorian style of dress, which he favors. I'm sorry if this weirds people out.




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Name: Paul Graves
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Strengths: strong-willed, loving, ruthless

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