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Case Notes on Graves, Paul E. - Barrett Taylor, Auror

Case Notes

Paul Edward Graves is a 41 year-old Caudasian male standing 6'0" tall and weighing approximately 187 lbs. His hair is black, in a conservative collarlength cut, and his eyes are dark brown. He can pin you, with those eyes.

When Graves walks into a room, people notice him. He may wear conservative clothing and may never raise his voice in the slightest, but one cannot miss the fact that he is there. He commands the attention of any group he is in, whether he seeks that attention or not.

He is highly intelligent, and I doubt he could hide that fact if he tried. He exudes it, along with a great sense of self-assurance. He is for the most part comfortable around people and gives that impression even in the presense of people with whom he is not comfortable. He's alert to his surroundings. I forgot my ballpoint pen in one of the interrogation rooms we were in. An hour later, Graves was able to tell me exactly where I'd left it. He gives his complete attention to a person when spoken to.

On the whole, I find him honest, concise, and to-the-point. If he disagrees with something, he will either stay silent, or a person will know it immediately.

I find myself respecting and liking the man. Ye he also horrifies me.

He can discuss topics such as murder and torture with complete objectivity, when they are in the abstract--when someone else commits them.
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