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The Teddy Bear Device

aerdensrw: Maybe...a device that would enable them to kidnap people, but because it would only turn them into teddy bers, Voldie decided he wanted nothing to do with it?
andersgrimalkin: *pictures Voldie's face*.
andersgrimalkin: "What," he said, quietly, "is this?"
aerdensrw: Hehehehe! *Imagines Accia Zabini trying to explain what she is doing with a teddy bear in her arms*
aerdensrw: Paul: *tries to zot teddy bear with wand; frowns* "It won't change shape."
andersgrimalkin: LOLOL
aerdensrw: Voldie: "Well DO something, Graves! This is NOT acceptable!"
aerdensrw: Paul: *tries to hide the fact that he is dying of laughter at the look on Voldie's face*
aerdensrw: Voldie: "This was supposed to turn people into _actual_ bears!"
andersgrimalkin: *Random, rather scared DE* "We ran over budget."
aerdensrw: Hehehehehe!!!!
andersgrimalkin: Cost cutting - Death Eater style.
aerdensrw: *snickers* Paul, thinking to the soon-to-be-dead DE: _Run. Now._
andersgrimalkin: Soon-to-be-dead DE: "We did send you a purchase order for the parts..."
aerdensrw: *giggles!!!!!*
Voldie, looking apoplectic: "A PURCHASE ORDER??!"
andersgrimalkin: Soon-to-be-dead DE: "Umm, sir, you did instigate the rule..."
aerdensrw: Do we know of any definitely dead DE's? This could explain why...
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